Are You Sleeping With Your Bra? Then, You Must Read This

We probably do it all the time. But, does it have any effect on your general health?

Old grannies tales say that sleeping with your bra on will make your boobs to sag. But, the beautiful Marilyn Monroe used to sleep with her bra on every night to prevent her boobs from sagging.

So, which fact is true? Will sleeping with your bra on have an impact on the shape, size, perkiness of your breasts, will it have a positive or negative effect on your health, etc?

A well known Dr. Seth Rankin took on this matter and talked about all the effects.

Sagging Breasts

Your breasts will sag, eventually. It’s just the part of the women life, says Dr. Ranklin. Those are the news that we all know, but we hate to hear. The reason for sagging is because the connective tissue that holds the breasts in place loses its elasticity over time. There is no way to prevent that, only to postpone it.

Factors For Sagging Breasts

There are different factors that make your breasts sag. These factors include pregnancy, breastfeeding, smoking, dramatic weight loss or weight gain and genetics. At this point in medicine, it is very hard to measure the effect of wearing a bra while sleeping, because there are other factors that have bigger effects.

Scientific Point of View

Let’s take things and view them from a scientific point of view. Breast sagging is caused because of the downward pull of gravity. This is why bigger breasts sag more because they have more fat within their tissue and therefore gravity pulls them more.

When you are sleeping and lying on your back, the gravity pushes your breasts tissue back towards your chest, and not down towards your toes. Logically, this means that wearing bra keeps your breasts tight and compressed onto your chest.

Negative Effects

On the other hand, wearing your bra leaves marks on your skin, if it’s too tight. Wearing your bra on 24/7 will not give your skin the chance to recover from those marks.  Aside from your breasts, there are a lot of essentials around the chest area: muscles, vessels, nerves and lymph nodes. Wearing your bra too tight could restrict the blood flow into some areas.


Having all the facts, it’s probably better if you stay away from wearing your bra to bed. Yes, it might keep your breasts from sagging too soon, but it could create a lot of complications if it’s too tight.

Do you wear your bra while sleeping? Tell us.


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