Banting Diet – How To Do The Banting Diet Properly

Introduction To The Banting Diet

 W. Banting (Invented Banting Diet) was a British undertaker who was overweight and wanted to lose weight desperately. In 1862 he went to his doctor, William Harvey, who proposed to him a radical way of eating that was high in fat, but included very few carbohydrates. By following the plan Banting experienced a remarkable weight loss and he became inspired to send a letter to the public. Many people started to follow the diet afterwards.

What To Eat While on Banting?

Banting discovered what humans ate 200,000 years ago. Respected scientists believe that human genes hardly changed since human begins began their journey on earth. If we put the entire history into one day, we have been only eating cereals and grains for 5 minutes, and sugar for 5 seconds. After William Banting experienced this success on his low-carb, high-fat eating plan, the Banting diet became a standard treatment for obese people in European and North American medical schools. But in 1959 it was excluded from all the medical and nutritional textbooks.

The Biggest Misconception

There is a common misconception that if you eat ”fat”, you have a great chance to get a high blood pressure, heart disease and become obese. This is just not true. The truth is that carbohydrates, refined carbohydrates and sugar are the main cause of obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Vegetable oils and their derivatives are a contributing factor to heart diseases, although we are being told the opposite.

Cholesterol Myth

The first question that new people ask about the Banting Diet is – What about my cholesterol? People must understand that cholesterol is not the culprit in heart disease. It’s something like if we blame a police officer, responding to a scene of crime, being blamed for the crime itself. Cholesterol will adhere to a ‘leaking artery wall’ damaged by inflammation – just to protect you. By eating a carb and sugar diet, those arteries remain inflamed. Many people say that they feel the difference and relief in a short period of time after starting the Diet.

Useful Information

People struggle with any diet, mostly because they are not familiar with the Diet itself or they do not know which food to eat, where to find recipes etc.

That is why we have created the first of its kind – The Banting Recipe eBook. The eBook contains over 200 recipes, over 100 Tips, 7 Day Meal Plans, Green, Orange, Red List and much more. You can check out the Recipe eBook here.

The Banting Recipe eBook

The Banting Recipe eBook

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