Get Started With Banting – The Low Carb High Fat Diet

Introduction To The Banting Diet

The Banting Diet is not something new. It’s been out there for some time now, but it only took a swing the last few years. It is very famous in South Africa. Since then, there have been many success stories associated with Banting where people lost over 100kg’s with this Miracle Diet. But many people that are new to this diet ask: 

What Is Banting?

Let’s explain Banting in simple words:

Eat vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, little fruit and minimal starch. Eat real fats. Avoid sugar, grains, seed oils and processed food. Taste new dishes. Protect your gut. Sleep well. Exercise. Relax. Socialize. Listen to your body. Escape routine. Seek adventure. Keep improving.

To Simplify Things:

Banting is a Low Carb – High Fat Diet. There are 3 lists. Green, Orange, Red List. You need to stick to the green list to lose weight, stick to the orange list to maintain your weight once you reach your goal, and AVOID the Red List at all times.

Is Banting an Efficient Diet?

The Diet has helped people in 172 countries. We have daily testimonials in our Facebook Group where people share their success stories. Feel free to join the group and ask questions there. You will be surprised how people lose so much weight in a short period of time and most of all improve their health.

Who Should Do The Banting Diet?

1. People who want to lose weight.

2. People with Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Gain control of their Blood Sugar and Type 1 Diabetes.

4. Cure their IBS.

5. Normalize Blood Pressure.

6. Reduce Skin Irritations.

7. Reduce Acne.

8. Reverse The Symptoms of PCOS.

9. Cure Their Heartburn and Reflux.

How To Get Started?

People struggle with any diet, mostly because they are not familiar with the Diet itself or they do not know which food to eat, where to find recipes etc.

That is why we have created the first of its kind – The Banting Recipe eBook. The eBook contains over 200 recipes, over 100 Tips, 7 Day Meal Plans, Green, Orange, Red List and much more. You can check out the Recipe eBook here.

You can be the next success story!

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