Tim Noakes Diet – The Low Carb High Fat Diet Called Banting

Tim Noakes Diet – The Low Carb High Fat Diet Called Banting

Tim Noakes Diet – Some people call it Tim Noakes Diet, some people call it Banting, but do you know what it really is? The name is not important. What’s important is what this diet can do for your health. The answer is, The Banting Diet can do miracles for your body. This diet is a Low Carb – High Fat type of diet. The plan is to make your body shift from burning carbs to burning fat for energy. This diet is against eating sugar, but don’t worry, there are many Banting recipes for cakes and desserts. This diet was created in 1878, but gained popularity in the recent years thanks to Dr. Tim Noakes.

This diet has helped many people around the world. Scientists also reveal that this diet can help you balance your T1 and T2 Diabetes. Please take note that these results may vary from people to people. Not everyone’s organism is the same. Also, not all people will stick to the diet, some will cheat and they will not be able to get the best results. But from what we have seen on our Facebook Group, there are many success stories about weight loss. Some people lost up to 50kg’s. 

How To Get Started With Banting

Okay. You’ve seen and read a lot about The Banting Diet and now you want to start. But how? It’s easy.

We have created the perfect Banting Guide + Recipe Book. Our book is DIGITAL and is available anywhere in the world. It contains over 200 Banting recipes, Banting 7 Day Meal Plans, green, orange and red lists and much more. If you are interested and want more details, you can check out our book below:

Tim Noakes Diet

Tim Noakes Diet

Tim Noakes Diet

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at fitnfoods@gmail.com

The Banting Diet – Bring Your Diabetes Back To Normal

The Banting Diet – Bring Your Diabetes Back To Normal

The Banting Diet – You are here because you probably want to know more about The Banting Diet. And you came to the right place. Sit back and let us explain what Banting is.

Banting is a Low Carb – High Fat diet. Its main goal is to change your body from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat for fuel. There are 3 main lists which you need to follow/stay away from.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should follow the GREEN LIST.

If you are trying to maintain your body weight, you need to include products from the ORANGE LIST.

You must definitely stay away from the RED LIST. All products on this list are forbidden.

Banting and Diabetes

Many scientists are saying that The Banting Diet can help you reverse diabetes or at least get it in order. Here is our recommendation about diets suitable for Diabetics:

  • For Type 2 Diabetics: Banting diet low in carbs, 25 grams or below per day.
  • For Type 1 Diabetics: Need about 30g-80g of carbs daily, due to the need for insulin injections.
  • Ketogenic Diet below 25 grams may reverse insulin resistance in the brain and get your system back to normal.

By 2030, Diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death, so we are trying to help the world to get healthy and lose weight with Banting.

Getting Started With Banting

We have created a Banting Guide + Recipe Book which is DIGITAL and available everywhere in the world. The book contains 200+ recipes, a guide, green,orange,red lists and a Banting 7 day meal plan. Basically all you need to get started with the diet, you can get for $19,99. It’s a small price to pay for your health. You can see the book below:

Banting Recipe Book

Banting 7 Day Meal Plan


Banting 7 Day Meal Plan – Best Proven Meal Plan For Banting

Banting 7 Day Meal Plan

Banting 7 Day Meal Plan – Are you in a need of a Banting Meal Plan? You are in the right place. Most of the diets are hard to follow because you have to create your own meal plan. But not Banting. We go above and beyond when it comes to satisfying our followers. So, our team created the Perfect Banting 7 Day Meal Plan just for you.

Before We Get Started

Before we start with the meal plan, we would like to explain what is Banting ( for all the new people ). Basically Banting Diet is a Low Carb – High Fat diet. The idea is to try and make your body switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat for energy. Which is pretty cool. A lot of people have tried the Banting Diet and are happy with it. Many people lost over 100 pounds (50kg’s) with this diet. Many even call it a Lifestyle instead of a diet.

Let’s Get Started


  • Breakfast: Crust-less Quice
  • Lunch: Spinach Salad with Strawberries
  • Snack: Celery Sticks
  • Dinner: Coconut Chicken with Bok Choy Salad
  • Dessert: Dark Chocolate


  • Breakfast: Crust-less Quice
  • Lunch: Angelo’s Chicken Salad on Spinach
  • Snack: Apple Slices
  • Dinner: Grilled Steak with Sauteed Kale
  • Dessert: Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana


  • Fried Egg & Steak – Breakfast
  • Melissa’s Chef Salad – Lunch
  • Hummus & Carrot Sticks – Snack
  • Italian Herb Salmon with Broccoli – Dinner
  • Rice Pudding with Cinnamon – Dessert


  • B: Faker’s Egg Benedict
  • L: Turkey & Avocado on Sourdough
  • S: Trail Mix
  • D: Meatballs Marinara & Romaine Salad
  • D: Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana


  • B: Avocado over Rice
  • L: Meatball Sub (or meatballs & Rice)
  • S: Carrot Sticks & Blueberries
  • D: Steak Fajitas with Black Bean Salad
  • D: Strawberries & Fresh Whipped Cream


  • Scrambled Egg Whites & 1/2 Grapefruit – Breakfast
  • Left-over Fajitas – Lunch
  • Celery Sticks – Snack
  • Cajun Shrimp with Rice & Kale – Dinner
  • Dark Chocolate & Blueberries – Dessert


  • Scrambled Egg Whites & Strawberries – Breakfast
  • Tuna Salad on Sourdough Toast – Lunch
  • Almond & Dried Cranberries – Snack
  • Turkey Burgers & Spinach Salad – Dinner
  • Cocoa-Banana Smoothie – Dessert

So now since you got the meal plan, i bet you need Recipes. No worries, we got you covered there. Check out our Banting Recipe Book:

Banting 7 Day Meal Plan

Banting 7 Day Meal Plan

Banting Diet Food List – Green, Orange, Red List To Follow

Banting Diet Food List

Banting Diet Food List – You probably landed on this article by searching about the Banting Diet Food List. You are in the right place. You probably are a beginner in Banting, so i will do my best to explain Banting to you. Banting is a Low Carb – High Fat type of diet. The idea is to make your body burn fat for energy instead of carbs. That’s what makes this diet very special and effective. Also, you won’t be starving. You can eat full plates of delicious food ( Banting Recipe Book ). But how would you know which food is Banting friendly and which one is not. That’s where the Banting Diet Food List came in to play.

Green, Orange, Red List

Banting has 3 main lists.


If you want to lose weight, the Green list is your best friend. You can eat as much as you want, as long as the products are from The Green List. You will see the fastest results if you stick only to the green list.


If you wish to maintain your weight, you can eat products from the Orange list. After some time, you will reach a point where you will be happy with your weight. Then you can start including some products from the Orange List.


This list should be avoid at all times. The red list is your enemy. If you eat products from the Red List, you are not doing Banting.

Now when you have the lists, you will need a Recipe Book.

Our Banting Recipe Cookbook contains 200+ Banting Recipes, Banting Guide, Banting 7 Day Meal Plan and much more. The book is digital (PDF and Word Format) so you will receive your book instantly. You can read more about the Book below:

Banting Diet Plan – How To Start Your Banting Journey

Banting Diet Plan

Banting Diet Plan – Do you know whats the best thing about the Banting Diet? Not having to restrict your portion. The worst thin is running out of delicious low carb recipes which can make you quit fast.  So, if you want to stick to the Banting diet you will need a Banting Diet Plan. We have created a Banting 7 Day Meal Plan just for you. Not only are the meals on this Banting diet plan healthy & nutritious, they are also gluten free.

Should I Include Dairy In My Banting Diet Plan?

Tim Noakes includied dairy in his “Banting diet” as long as it’s full cream and from grass fed cows. He says that whilst his stance on dairy hasn’t changed. You are advised to reduce your dairy consumption of you are struggling to lose weight. This came around after Jonno Proudfoot had changed the “Dairy” status from a “green” list to “orange” . Orange Lists means it can be consumed in moderation. According to Tim Noakes, dairy is fine for those on the Banting diet. If you are specifically trying to lose weight you should only consume it in moderation.

Careful, It’s Easy To Get Back To Your Old Eating Habits

This meal plan provides you with an easy way to get started on the low-carb Banting way of eating. But be advised, it’s really easy to get into a rut by preparing & eating the same meals over & over. This situation can create boredom & “diet fatigue” which often causes people to go back to unhealthy convenience eating. Let’s be honest, it a tempting burger & chips looks far more appealing than chicken & veggies. The best way to stay on track is to have a Banting Recipe Book. No worries, we have you covered there.

The Banting Recipe Book

Our team has spent over 6 months doing research and testing different ingredients. We finally came up with the perfect Banting Recipe Book + Guide out there in the market. This book contains 200+ Banting friendly recipes, a Banting guide, Banting 7 Day meal plan, green, orange, red list and much more. You can read more about the book below:

Banting Diet – How To Do The Banting Diet Properly

Introduction To The Banting Diet

 W. Banting (Invented Banting Diet) was a British undertaker who was overweight and wanted to lose weight desperately. In 1862 he went to his doctor, William Harvey, who proposed to him a radical way of eating that was high in fat, but included very few carbohydrates. By following the plan Banting experienced a remarkable weight loss and he became inspired to send a letter to the public. Many people started to follow the diet afterwards.

What To Eat While on Banting?

Banting discovered what humans ate 200,000 years ago. Respected scientists believe that human genes hardly changed since human begins began their journey on earth. If we put the entire history into one day, we have been only eating cereals and grains for 5 minutes, and sugar for 5 seconds. After William Banting experienced this success on his low-carb, high-fat eating plan, the Banting diet became a standard treatment for obese people in European and North American medical schools. But in 1959 it was excluded from all the medical and nutritional textbooks.

The Biggest Misconception

There is a common misconception that if you eat ”fat”, you have a great chance to get a high blood pressure, heart disease and become obese. This is just not true. The truth is that carbohydrates, refined carbohydrates and sugar are the main cause of obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Vegetable oils and their derivatives are a contributing factor to heart diseases, although we are being told the opposite.

Cholesterol Myth

The first question that new people ask about the Banting Diet is – What about my cholesterol? People must understand that cholesterol is not the culprit in heart disease. It’s something like if we blame a police officer, responding to a scene of crime, being blamed for the crime itself. Cholesterol will adhere to a ‘leaking artery wall’ damaged by inflammation – just to protect you. By eating a carb and sugar diet, those arteries remain inflamed. Many people say that they feel the difference and relief in a short period of time after starting the Diet.

Useful Information

People struggle with any diet, mostly because they are not familiar with the Diet itself or they do not know which food to eat, where to find recipes etc.

That is why we have created the first of its kind – The Banting Recipe eBook. The eBook contains over 200 recipes, over 100 Tips, 7 Day Meal Plans, Green, Orange, Red List and much more. You can check out the Recipe eBook here.

The Banting Recipe eBook

The Banting Recipe eBook

You can be the next success story!

Get Started With Banting – The Low Carb High Fat Diet

Introduction To The Banting Diet

The Banting Diet is not something new. It’s been out there for some time now, but it only took a swing the last few years. It is very famous in South Africa. Since then, there have been many success stories associated with Banting where people lost over 100kg’s with this Miracle Diet. But many people that are new to this diet ask: 

What Is Banting?

Let’s explain Banting in simple words:

Eat vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, little fruit and minimal starch. Eat real fats. Avoid sugar, grains, seed oils and processed food. Taste new dishes. Protect your gut. Sleep well. Exercise. Relax. Socialize. Listen to your body. Escape routine. Seek adventure. Keep improving.

To Simplify Things:

Banting is a Low Carb – High Fat Diet. There are 3 lists. Green, Orange, Red List. You need to stick to the green list to lose weight, stick to the orange list to maintain your weight once you reach your goal, and AVOID the Red List at all times.

Is Banting an Efficient Diet?

The Diet has helped people in 172 countries. We have daily testimonials in our Facebook Group where people share their success stories. Feel free to join the group and ask questions there. You will be surprised how people lose so much weight in a short period of time and most of all improve their health.

Who Should Do The Banting Diet?

1. People who want to lose weight.

2. People with Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Gain control of their Blood Sugar and Type 1 Diabetes.

4. Cure their IBS.

5. Normalize Blood Pressure.

6. Reduce Skin Irritations.

7. Reduce Acne.

8. Reverse The Symptoms of PCOS.

9. Cure Their Heartburn and Reflux.

How To Get Started?

People struggle with any diet, mostly because they are not familiar with the Diet itself or they do not know which food to eat, where to find recipes etc.

That is why we have created the first of its kind – The Banting Recipe eBook. The eBook contains over 200 recipes, over 100 Tips, 7 Day Meal Plans, Green, Orange, Red List and much more. You can check out the Recipe eBook here.

You can be the next success story!